Town Clerk

About the Department

The Town Clerk and Senior Deputy Clerk maintains and helps with the Town’s official records, provide support for Town Council meetings, and manage liquor licenses and permits.

Liquor Licenses.


Notice is hereby given that the applicants whose names are set forth below filed applications each for the renewal of Annual Liquor Licenses in the Office of the Town Clerk of the Town of Jackson, Teton County, Wyoming.  Town of Jackson liquor licenses expire 3/31/2024. The name of the applicants and description of the premises which the applicant desires to use as the place of sale are as included.

Protests, if any there be, against the renewal of each and every license will be heard at the hour of 6:00 pm, or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard, on the 26TH day of FEBRUARY 2024, before the Town Council of the Town of Jackson, Teton County, Wyoming, in the Council Chambers of the Town Hall at 150 East Pearl and/or via Zoom. 

New Liquor License Application - Use this application for a new year-round liquor license or to transfer a current liquor license. (This application is for all license types)

24-Hour Catering Permit Application - Use this application to apply for a temporary permit to provide alcoholic (beer, wine & spirits) beverages at an event.  

24-Hour Malt Beverage Permit Application - Use this application to apply for a temporary permit to provide beer and other malt beverages at an event.

24- Hour Microbrewery or Manufacturer's Permit Application - Use this application if you are a Microbrewery or Manufacturer who is hosting an event away from your licensed premises.

Request Public Records.

The Town administers Public records requests according to Wyoming Statute Title 16 Article 4. "Public records" when not otherwise specified, includes any information in a physical form created, accepted, or obtained by a governmental entity in furtherance of its official function and transaction of public business, which is not privileged or confidential by law. Pursuant to the Public Records Act of 2019, the Town Council named the Town Clerk as the designated public records person, with designees including:

  • Municipal Court Clerk for Municipal Court records
  • Planning Office Manager for Planning and Building records
  • Lieutenant to Chief of Police / Information Coordinator for Police records
  • Paralegal for Legal records

How to submit a request for records:

Helpful hints on crafting a request:

  • Be as descriptive, specific, and thorough as possible.
  • Include specific dates, event name(s), and topic(s).  If a broad topic is requested, please narrow down the specifics of what you are looking for, include a date range, etc.
  • Include the types of records you are requesting. For example, contract or agreement, permits, proclamation, public correspondence, etc.
  • many records, such as meeting minutes, ordinances, staff reports, etc., can be found at the Municipal Code, Ordinances, & Resolutions page

The more detailed your request is, the better we can serve you! 

Associated Fees (Resolution 23-14 effective July 18, 2023):

  • Electronic document, per document $11
  • Paper copies, B&W .27/page, Color .53/page
  • Plotted Maps, 11x17 $15, 24x36 $38, 36x54 $53
  • Photograph, $15
  • Police Report, $15
  • LDRs / Comp Plan, $62
  • Research / Compilation Services, $16
  • External Electronic Media (disk, usb drive, etc), $15
  • Postage / shipping, actual cost
  • Other special circumstances, actual cost

If you have questions about making a public records request, please contact the Town Clerk.

Meeting Audio Files. 

Town Council meetings have been video streamed since 2013 and are available online. Audio files of earlier Town Council meetings that have not been video streamed can be made available upon request by contacting the Town Clerk at 307-733-3932, ext. 1113.

Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates.

The Town of Jackson does not handle birth, marriage, or death certificates. For more information or to obtain copies of certificates, please contact these agencies:

Birth & Death Certificates:
Wyoming Department of Health Vital Statistics Services
2300 Capitol Avenue 307-777-7591
Cheyenne, WY  82002

Marriage Certificates:
Teton County Clerk's Office
200 S Willow 307-733-4430
Jackson, WY 83001