Permits, Applications & Fees

ATTENTION:  Changes effective 2023

  1. Town of Jackson Right-of-Way Permits are processed by the Engineering Division at Public Works, not the Town’s Building Division at Town Hall. Please fill out the Public Right-of-Way Permit Application in the list below and email it to Applications are only accepted via email. Deliver cash and bond payments to Public Works at 450 W. Snow King Ave. Call 307 733-3079 ext. 1403 to pay with a credit card.
  1. Teton County Sewer Connection Permits (SWPs) are now processed directly by  the Town’s Engineering Division at Public Works, not by Teton County’s Building Department. These applications are for permits to connect to the Town’s sewer (and/or water) systems from beyond the Town’s corporate boundary. Please fill out the form below entitled Sewer Connection Permit Application.   

  2. Food Truck Permits are processed through an Exposition Permit if sales are requested to be conducted on private property. If sales are requested to be conducted on public property an Exposition Permit would be required as well as a Special Event Permit. Please note that in order to qualify for an Exposition Permit there must be at least two vendors present. 


If you plan on printing these forms and filling them out by hand, you must right-click the link and choose "Save As" to download the PDF form. Once the form is downloaded, you must open it within Adobe Reader (or another PDF reader program). From within Adobe Reader you can print these forms. If you just click the link and open the PDF in your web browser, the forms with NOT print correctly. Thank you for your cooperation.