Shoplifting Prevention Training

The Jackson Police Department is well aware that local merchants lose tens of thousands of dollars due to shoplifting and employee theft each year - often referred to as “shrinkage”. We also realize that many local businesses have new employees each retail season and ongoing training is necessary to minimize the negative effects these losses have on your business.


As a solution to the problem, our Community Service Officers have developed partnerships with local businesses to help train retailers and their employees in the identification and prevention of shoplifting. Many of these simple to use concepts have assisted local merchants in greatly reducing their exposure to shoplifting and employee theft problems.

Feel free to utilize the materials we can provide as you see fit. We also provide on-site training and site analysis to help you fortify your business against these losses. The best part is, this training is free and we are always happy to bring the training to you and your employees.

Schedule a Training

If you would like to schedule an on-site training session and/or site analysis, contact the Community Service Division to make an appointment. We hope you will take this valuable opportunity to partner with the police department to help minimize the negative impacts that shoplifting and employee theft has on our retail business community. Thank you!