Administrative Adjustment


The purpose of an administrative adjustment is to allow minor adjustments to certain requirements and numerical standards in these land development regulations (LDRs) based on specific review standards. The intent is to provide relief when application of a standard creates practical difficulties in advancement of Comprehensive Plan goals or zoning district purposes.

When Is This Required?

An administrative adjustment is required when the applicant seeks a minor deviation from a specific list of LDR standards provided in section 8.8.1 B (PDF) (examples: LSR, setbacks, grade, etc.).


  • How Long: Up to 60 days after application deemed sufficient
  • Who Decides:
    • Final Decision: Planning Director

View an info-graphic (PNG) detailing the administrative adjustment process.

How to Apply

Please submit an application packet with one hard copy and one digital copy (via email to that includes the following:

  • Application Fee
  • Application Form (PDF)
  • Adjustment Requested: Identify the specific provision of the LDRs from which you are seeking relief as listed in Section 8.8.1.B Administrative Adjustment Applicability
  • Narrative description of the proposal: Briefly describe the proposed use, physical development, development option or subdivision requiring the adjustment
  • Other Pertinent Information


Administrative adjustment fees are $500.