Grading Permits


The purpose of the grading permit is to review and permit land disturbing activities. 

When is a Grading Permit required?

Section 5.7.1.D of the Land Development Regulations (LDRs) requires a grading permit for all land disturbing activities and excavations unless explicitly exempted LDRs. Examples of land disturbing activities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Grading, topsoil removal, filling, road or drive cutting; 
  • Altering or enlargement of a stream or channel, removal of streambed materials, channel clearing, ditching, drain tile laying, dredging, lagoon construction;
  • Soil and water conservation structures; 
  • Extraction or placement of rock, sand, or gravel excavation and piles for structures, roadways, utilities, cut and fill slopes, stockpiles, building material storage area, paving, etc..

Helpful Tips

  • There are two levels of grading permit. Level of grading permit required can be determined using the table on the first page of the grading permit application:
    • Statement Level Grading Permit- The purpose of the statement level grading permit is to allow the Town Engineer to review land disturbances that, while small in area, may impact other landowners and the environment.
    • Plan Level Grading Permit- All plan level grading permit applications shall be prepared by a professional engineer or landscape architect registered in the State of Wyoming, unless exempted by the Land Development Regulations

  • Projects that require plan-level grading information require a pre-application conference with the Town Engineering Department prior to application submittal

How to Apply for a Grading Permit

Please complete all portions of the application and submit the signed application and all attachments to the Planning and Building office at Town Hall:

Permit Fees

  • Statement-Level Project: $200
  • Plan-Level Project: $600

Compliance Fees

  • After-the-fact permit fees are double the initial fee

Other Grading Fees

  • Minimum Fee: $50
  • Pre-Application Conference: $150
  • Third-Party Technical Review: at Cost