Historic Preservation


In February, 2021, the Town of Jackson adopted into its Land Development Regulations (LDRs) a new program to preserve historic structures in the Town.  The highlights of the program include:

  • The establishment of the Jackson Historic Register (i.e., the official list of historic properties) (Sec. 5.9.2)
  • Development incentives for properties on the Historic Register, including the potential to transfer development rights (TDRs) (Sec. 5.9.6)
  • Procedures to nominate and designate structures on the Jackson Historic Register (see Sec. 8.5.7)
  • Certificate of Appropriateness: The procedure by which modifications, additions, etc., to listed Historic Resources are approved (See Sec. 8.5.8)
  • Historic Preservation Design Guidelines: specific design guidelines to address modifications, additions, relocations, and repositioning of listed historic structures (See appendix in Jackson Design Guidelines)
  • Teton County Historic Preservation Board (TCHPB): Adopted an expanded role for TCHPB to review historic designation applications and apply the Historic Preservation Design Guidelines


Putting your property on the Jackson Historic Register is a voluntary program and always requires the consent of the landowner. The Town cannot designate properties without landowner permission.

However, once a property is voluntarily listed on the Historic Register, use of certain development incentives (such as TDRs) require permanent preservation of the historic structure through a preservation easement and/or deed restriction.

In addition, a Certificate of Appropriateness (CoA) is required for the approval of any significant change, addition, repositioning, or relocation of a listed Historic Resource. The Historic Preservation Design Guidelines must be complied with for any CoA.


Applications may be submitted at any time. Review timelines for the designation process are provided in Sec. 8.5.7 and 8.5.8 of the LDRs.


Please submit a digital application packet via  email to the Planning Department  that includes the following (paper applications are not accepted): 


No fees are required for any of the historic preservation application types