Planned Unit Development


The purpose of a Planned Unit Development is to rezone land to a planned unit development zoning classification that is defined by a master plan. The purpose of the planned unit development process is to publicly review the proposed master plan and certificate of standards to ensure that they enhance the implementation of the desired future character for the land of the proposal beyond what could be achieved by base zoning. 

When Is This Required?

Development options that require planned unit development review and approval are identified in the standards for each zone. See Article 2. - Article 4. for zone standards. PUDs shall be reviewed pursuant to the procedures and standards of Section 8.7.4. 

A PUD shall be reviewed concurrently with the initial physical development permit application required for the proposal. 


  • How Long: Up to 150 days after application deemed sufficient
  • Who Decides:
    • Recommendation: Planning Commission- within 90 days of sufficiency
    • Final Decision: Town Council- within 60 days of PC recommendation

Helpful Tips

How to Apply

A pre-application conference is required prior to submittal of a Planned Unit Development. A neighborhood meeting is required as well. You must submit within 1 year of pre-application conference.

Please submit an application packet via email to that includes the following (paper applications are not accepted): 


The planned unit development fees are $1,919.