Zoning Compliance Verification


The purpose of a zoning compliance verification (ZCV) is to determine in writing if all or a portion of a property is in compliance with these land development regulations (LDRs) at a specific point in time.

When Is This Required?

A zoning compliance verification may be requested for any property, portion of a property, or attribute of a property’s physical development, use, development options, or subdivision.

Examples of zoning compliance verification requests include, but are not limited to: a determination of the current development potential on a site, identification of any apparent nonconformities on a site, review of a wetland delineation or Environmental Analysis exemption prior to application submission, and visual resource analysis that informs application submission but is not dependent upon application information for review.


  • How Long: Up to 45 days after application deemed sufficient
  • Who Decides:
    • Final Decision: Planning Director

View an info-graphic (PNG) explaining the zoning compliance verification process.

How to Apply

Please submit an application packet with two hard copies and one digital copy (via email to tstolte@jacksonwy.gov) that includes the following:


Zoning compliance verification fees are $500.