Boundary Adjustment


The purpose of the boundary adjustment process is to ensure that the adjustment of property lines results in property configurations that comply with the standards of these land development regulations (LDRs).

When Is This Required?

A boundary adjustment application is required in order to adjust the boundaries between lots, parcels, or tracts, and involves the division of a portion of one property so that the divided portion can be completely merged into an adjacent property. Situations in which a boundary adjustment is applicable are identified in Section 8.5.6.B.


Between Unplatted Parcels

  • How Long: Up to 60 days after application deemed sufficient
  • Who Decides: Between unplatted parcels
    • Final Decision: Planning Director

At Least One Platted Lot

  • How Long: Up to 90 days after application deemed sufficient
  • Who Decides: Involving at least one platted lot
    • Final Decision: Town Council

Helpful Tips

  • All required changes to a submitted plat must be completed by the applicant and confirmed by staff prior to the Town Council hearing. This also means that all plat-related documents (deed restrictions, easements, etc.) must be in final form and ready to sign for the plat to be scheduled for the Council hearing.  Please see Sec. 8.5.6.E. in the LDRs for a clear outline of the plat review process. 
  • Prior to recording of plat, all fees must be paid (technical reviews, exactions, performance, etc.).
  •  After Town Council approval, Town staff will obtain necessary signatures. Once completed, the applicant will be required to record the necessary documents with the County Clerk only with the presence of Town staff. 

How To Apply

A zoning compliance verification (ZCV) is required prior to submittal of a boundary adjustment. Applications must be submitted 60 days after the ZCV is complete.

Please submit an application packet via email to the Planning Department that includes the following (paper applications are not accepted): 

  • An application form (PDF).
  • An application fee: To pay the fee via credit card (visa, master card, discover)                   call 307-733-0440 X 1304
  • Title Report: A title report, title certificate or record document guarantee prepared within the last six months that includes evidence of ownership and all encumbrances on the subject property. Copies of the documents referenced in the report should not be submitted unless requested by the planner during review. Applications for a Boundary Adjustment may be exempt from the requirement to include a title report, depending on circumstances. Check with the Planning Department for confirmation.
  • Narrative description of the proposed development: Briefly describe the proposed boundary adjustment.

In addition, when submitting an application for a boundary adjustment between platted lots or between a platted lot and an un-platted parcel, the applicant shall provide the following, pursuant to Section 8.5.6.C.:

  • Plat Map. A new plat map shall meet the standards of 8.5.4.D
  • Notice of Intent. Evidence that the applicant has published a “Notice of Intent to Subdivide” once each week for 2 weeks within 30 calendar days prior to submitting this application, pursuant to Wyoming Statutes as amended.
  • Conveyance of Platted Lots. If there is more than one owner of the vacated portion of the plat, instruments conveying ownership of the individual lots or parcels resulting from the replat shall be provided.
  • Conveyance of Unplatted Parcels. An instrument acceptable to the Town Attorney and Town Surveyor shall be provided to establish a newly adjusted unplatted parcel.

In addition, when submitting an application for a boundary adjustment between un-platted parcels, the applicant shall provide the following, pursuant to Section 8.5.6.C.:

  • Conveyance of Parcels. An instrument, to be recorded, which totally merges the divided portions and combines them into the adjoining parcels, so that no additional parcels are created, and such that the resulting parcels are established as single parcels for all purposes.
  • Map of Survey. A map of survey in the form established by Section 8.5.6.C.1.a.
  • Other pertinent information.


Boundary adjustment plat required fees are $1,279 plus the cost of a technical review.

Boundary adjustment unplatted fees are $576 plus the cost of a  technical review.