Transit App

Meet Transit, START Bus's New App.

Transit provides real-time info about START Bus services.
 Check the status of your favorite bus route or find step-by-step directions to somewhere new!

Travel smarter with Transit: Download Transit today!

Real-time vehicle locations on the map: Transit has real-time information for START Bus service to help you get around.

Step-by-step guidance with GO: Tap GO to be reminded when to leave, when to transfer, and when to get off the bus. Subscribe to push notifications so you know when you’re almost there and when you’ve arrived.

Service alerts: Stop moved? Disrupted service? Find out before you leave. View service alerts in Transit, or subscribe to receive push notifications for your favorite routes.

Share Info: With GO crowdsourcing, you can share real-time reports on crowding and accessibility and boost the accuracy of real-time info for fellow riders.

Unlock Royale: Beginning January 31, 2023 - All START Bus patrons automatically receive a free upgrade to Royale, the premium subscription in the Transit app! With Royale, riders can use avatars and access all the app’s newest features.

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Need help?

Transit users can go to through the app or web browser, where you can find quick explanations, frequently asked questions, and contact the Transit support team directly.

Check out the Transit 101 how-to guide to learn about all the features you can access, and find out how easy it is to get information whenever you need it, from wherever you are.

Watch the tutorial video below for more information – available in English and Spanish!

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