Water Division

Utility Bill Payment & Questions

Please contact Shellie Morillon by phone at 307-733-3932 ext. 1156 for questions regarding your water or sewer bill. Pay your bill online or in person at the Town Hall. Additionally, the Town of Jackson accepts direct debit EFT for the payment of utility bills. Return completed and signed application (PDF) to the Finance Department to sign up.

Water Division

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality certified personnel maintain and repair the water distribution system. The system is comprised of 35 miles of water mains in addition to ancillary systems of water wells, storage facilities, booster stations, and fire hydrants. Testing is performed to ensure a safe water supply and to satisfy current state and federal regulations. Read the 2022 Annual Water Quality Report.

Water Hardness Test Results

Check out results (PDF) from all of the Town of Jackson entry points for 2014. There were no changes in the 2015-2022 water hardness test results.

Public Notice

Failure to monitor violations for total coliform bacteria. 2023-Town of Jackson Public Notice

Water Division Mission Statement: Quality on Tap!

The water team of the Town of Jackson is made-up of caretakers of the public water supply for residents and guests! We strive to be professional and accountable and always have time for the concerns and needs of our customers. Our commitment is quality on tap!

Water Rates

Residential ($/1,000 Gallons)
0 - 2,000 = $0.00 
2,001 - 6,000 = $1.41
6,001 - 25,000 = $3.17
25,000 - 50,000 = $4.94
50,001 - 100,000 = $6.70
Over 100,000 = $8.46

Irrigation ($/1000 Gallons)
0 - 2,000 = $0.00
Over 2,000 = $3.17

Teton County Water Quality Master Plan

CLICK HERE for the Teton County Water Quality Master Plan