Policy & Procedure


The intent of this policy and procedures manual is to give each and every member of the Department guidance in how they ideally should perform their duties. However, seldom is every situation “ideal” nor will any policy manual ever cover every conceivable situation or circumstance that an employee may experience in this profession. It is simply a tool to help guide you in the most common of circumstances. When an employee is in doubt about what to do and it is not mentioned in this manual, I would encourage the employee to first seek the advice and expertise of a supervisor whenever possible, but more importantly, allow your common sense to dictate your actions. Seldom when you come from a place of trying to “Do the Right Thing” will your intuition fail you or your performance fall short of expectations of this agency. Strive to consistently do the right thing.

I believe it is imperative that employees understand that not every situation they come across will turn out perfectly or free of criticism, nor is it expected. But we have an obligation when we choose this profession to perform our jobs in such a way that we maintain public confidence and trust. Achieving these two important goals will stem from consistency and fairness in how we approach our duties. We are given a great responsibility and authority over others when we accept the privilege of wearing a badge, so we should work diligently to never be perceived as abusing that power entrusted to us by the public. I believe the following quote from Calvin Coolidge speaks best to that topic.

“No one is compelled to choose the profession of police officer, but having chosen it, everyone is obligated to perform its duties and live up to the high standards of its requirements.” ~ Calvin Coolidge

It is an expectation and requirement that members of this Department be familiar with this manual and to review it often, staying abreast of updates and changes that may occur from time to time. We have an obligation to this profession and to our Community to perform our duties in such a way that meets the elements of “best practices” within our chosen profession. One goal of this manual is to encompass a compilation of those current practices and apply them to our unique and diverse western culture. We are a value-centered organization and need to tailor our policing styles to the values and traditions that our Community hold sacred by utilizing community-oriented policing principles to solve problems, not create them.