Building Inspections


Inspections are a verification process conducted throughout construction as required by the adopted International Building Codes, by local ordinances and by law. The permit holder or their agent shall make the inspection request 24 hours in advance once that work is ready for inspection. It shall be the duty of the person requesting any inspection required to provide access to, and means for inspection of such work.

Work shall not be done beyond the point indicated in each successive inspection without first obtaining the signed approval from the Building Inspector. Any portions that do not comply shall be corrected and such portion shall not be covered or concealed until authorized by the Building Inspector.

Scheduling an Inspection

Effective July 19,  2021, The Town of Jackson will be conducting all inspections virtually on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  In person inspections will be conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  The Town will be utilizing the following process for conducting inspections until further notice;

The permit holders or authorized agents should request their inspections via the Building Inspection Request hotline 24 hours in advance. Inspections requests not received by 3:30 P.M. will not be conducted the next business day and will be scheduled with the following business day.

When requesting an inspection please leave your name, phone number, Facetime number or Webex email, permit number, address of the project, a two hour inspection window (within 8:00-12:00 or 1:00-3:00) and type of inspection requested. The Building Inspection Request Line number is (307-733-0520 Ext. 1351).

Partial inspections will only be conducted as necessary for the sequence of inspection as approved by the town inspector/building official. Combination inspections are strongly encouraged and may be required by the building department. The Town will not be conducting supplement inspections to special inspections at this time and will consider the approved special inspection as a passed inspection. The 3rd party inspector will need to email the results to our building inspector.

All inspection requests should be very specific as to what is being inspected and at what locations. All construction related to the items being inspected should have previously been reviewed and approved by the design team and building official prior to construction (stamped plans). Unauthorized or incomplete work will constitute a failed inspection.

Inspections can be done via FaceTime (preferred) or Webex. This will require a compatible device from the user requesting the inspection. A cell phone number for the FaceTime inspection should be provided with the inspection request as well as an email address. If you do not have the ability to FaceTime or Webex please contact the building inspector for additional inspection options.

FaceTime or Webex inspections will be conducted between 8:00-Noon and from 1:00-3:00 P.M. Please provide a two hour window within these times listed above that you will be available for the inspection. The building inspector will then be in contact (at end of day or first thing in the morning) to try and reduce the two hour window to a shorter time frame and discuss the inspection request. Communication via text may transpire to facilitate coordination efforts.

The building inspector will try to make every effort to contact you during the agreed time. The inspector will try to contact you a minimum of three times within the time frame agreed upon to try and conduct the inspection. After three failed attempts, the inspection will be considered not ready and it will need to be rescheduled via the inspection line.

Inspection results will be sent to the email address provided the Town of Jackson.

If the above is not able to be accomplished by the contractor/owner arrangements will need to be made through the Building Official so that we can find a way to conduct the inspection. This could place the possibility that the inspection could be out for up to 3 days before we could accomplish it. 

Some of these requirements are temporary measures put in place under the current extreme situation as it relates to Covid-19 and is not meant as a substitution for required Town inspections under normal circumstances. Any inspections conducted during this period will be recorded as being completed under these terms. Inspections conducted during this period may be somewhat compromised by this method but the Contractor and property owner shall always be responsible for code compliance no matter what the circumstances. If later inspections reveal noncompliance with Code or approved plans or development approvals, failure to so discover during these violations or failures during utilization of abbreviated inspections shall not constitute a waiver of the Town’s ability to enforce the adopted Codes or the scope of issued permits and approvals. If any portion of the permitted scope of work inspected in this manner comes under future scrutiny or produces any sort of questionable construction or is found defective the Town assumes no additional liability beyond what is defined in the currently adopted Building Code and the Contractor carries all normally assumed and assigned liability as defined by Code, Profession and Licensing.


The following are required during inspections:

  • The Building Permit, Inspection Card and Stamped Town of Jackson reviewed plan set must be on-site and accessible for the inspector.
  • All work for the inspection must be complete and in place. Failure to have the work completed will constitute a failed inspection and will need to be rescheduled through the Inspection Request Hotline.
  • Partial Inspections are not permitted unless authorized by the building official. A combination Rough Mechanical/Rough Plumbing/Frame inspection can be scheduled only after the Rough Electrical Inspection is complete.
  • All work is to be uncovered with OSHA approved safe access to all locations being inspected. Failure to have the work uncovered or means of inspection via safe access will constitute a failed inspection.
  • Construction is to put in place as per the Town of Jackson’s reviewed and stamped construction documents. Deviations or changes from the plans are not allowed. All construction document changes need to be stamped by the applicable design team member and submitted to the Town of Jackson as an addendum for review.

Important Reminders

The complete set of approved permit plans are required to be on site for all inspections. Failure to be ready for a requested inspection may result in a $50 re-inspection fee. 24 hour notice is required for all inspection requests.

When requesting and inspection please make sure you have a good phone connection and speak slowly in a clear manner.

Other Involved Departments

The Town of Jackson Building Department only provides inspections applicable to the Building Department located in the town limits. Inspections required by other departments or in Teton County will need to be scheduled through the appropriate department. Included below is a list of other departments often involved in the inspection process.

  • Engineering Department Inspection: Call 307-733-3079
  • Fire/Electrical Department Inspection(s): Call 307-733-4732
  • Health Department Inspection: Call 307-732-8490
  • Planning Department Inspection: Call 307-733-0440, ext. 1304
  • Teton County Building Inspections: Call 307-733-3959

As applicable, all other departments must inspect and sign-off on the Permit/Inspection Card prior to scheduling a Final Building Inspection.

Upon Completion

Once all departments have signed off on the Permit Inspection card please scan all inspection cards and electronic inspection records and email them to Kelly Bowlin to process the Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion (depending on your project type). If you have questions regarding the process contact Kelly.


We appreciate everyone’s patients and understanding as we work to maintain the integral health of our community with the building life safety of our community. Please feel free to call or contact the building official or building inspector with any questions or concerns.