Non-Sufficient Funds


Non-sufficient funds, account closed, and no account check… and you’re wondering if you can have law enforcement assist in the process. Please check out the following information.

Prosecution may not happen if the check meets the following criteria:

  • The check was issued more than 60 days before the time they are turned over to law enforcement
  • Post-dated checks or checks which the payee agreed to hold before depositing
  • Checks that have been turned over to a collection agency, unless the collection agency refers the check to law enforcement within 14 days of receipt
  • Checks on which full or partial payment has been accepted
  • Two-party checks
  • Check(s) turned over to law enforcement, from the payee (and others), that total less than $100 within a 60 day period

Filing a Claim

Procedure for filing a non-sufficient funds, account closed, or no accounts checks claim: Please read the following information and complete the police form (PDF). When you have completed the process, please submit the forms in person at the Jackson Police Department.