Streets Division

Our Mission

We exist to provide Exceptional Customer Service to residents and visiting public alike by maintaining safe and convenient public right-of-ways and facilities while supporting essential community functions. We also contribute to the financial security of the community and help 
create a clean and positive environment.

  1. Driving
  2. Winter
  3. Streets
  4. Sidewalks

Driving conditions may vary considerably during the winter months. Please drive in a manner that is appropriate for the weather conditions. For helpful driving hints during all seasons, view a copy of the State of Wyoming's Rules of the Road (PDF), and refer to page 75, "Safe Driving Tips."

  1. Driveways & Garbage Cans
  2. Fire Hydrants
  3. More Information & Emergencies

Snowplowing may cause a build-up of snow in driveways and on sidewalks. It is the resident's responsibility to clear his/her own driveway. We recommend shoveling or blowing the snow back behind the curbing or asphalt and away from the driveway entrance. The Town right-of-way extends two to ten feet from the curb line depending upon the street and this is where the snow is deposited.

In order to prevent property damage, please have all fencing, trees, lot corners, underground water systems and ornamental rocks in this area clearly marked. We also recommend that private refuse containers be placed on the curb after 7 a.m. The division does offer limited snow removal assistance to senior citizens when time, personnel, and equipment allows.