***** Important Notice *****


Website Update for October 6, 2023


The Town of Jackson’s Building Department conducts virtual inspections on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In-person inspections are conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

The Building Department will no longer be confirming inspection requests. It is the responsibility of the permit holder/agent to be ready for your inspection per the two-hour inspection window requested. The Town of Jackson’s Building Department will contact the permit holder/agent requesting the inspection only if the two-hour window requested cannot be accommodated.

Please go to the Town of Jackson’s Building Inspection web page (tab to left) for detailed instructions on the current inspection process.  

The Town will be utilizing the following process for in-take and issuing permits. We will no longer do over the counter permitting.

• Please submit all electronic submittal materials via email to Town Building. We will no longer accept hard/paper copies.

• A $500.00 nonrefundable plan review fee will be due for all commercial building permit submittals. Please contact Kelly Bowlin with your credit card information or drop payment off at the front desk of the Planning & Building Department at Town Hall.

Procedures for obtaining trade permits:

• Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing permit applications can be found online under their respective tabs on the Building Department page.

• Fill out the application – fees are on the back. In able to process the submittal, a valid email address is required to be listed on the application.

• If a building permit is associated with the trade permit, please provide us with the corresponding number.

• Submit applications via email to

• Upon receipt, we have 48 hours to process the application request. Once processed you will be notified to make payment.  Payment can be made with a credit card over the phone. We take Visa, Mastercard or Discover. Another option is dropping the fee off at the front desk of the Planning & Building Department.  Once processed you will receive your permit electronically.

• Any work requiring a trade permit and inspection defined in the appropriate code shall be installed by a licensed contractor with a valid Town of Jackson Contractor’s license.

• Trades permits must be obtained prior to starting the work. If not, a penalty fee will be assessed.

Procedures for picking up permits:

• Once permits are ready for issuance, the applicant will be notified regarding approval and payment. Payment can be dropped off at the front desk of the Planning & Building Department, or can be made with a credit card over the phone. We take visa, Mastercard or Discover. We will not accept a credit card for payment if the fees are over $10,000.00.

• Once payment is received , we will email you the permit along with the corresponding documents, conditions of approval and appropriate inspection cards.