Demolition Permit


It is unlawful for any person to remove or demolish any building or structure within the town limits, whether in connection with the application for a separate building permit or other purpose without obtaining a demolition permit from the town.

Permit Required

Demolition includes the act of either demolishing or removing (including removals without destruction of the component elements of the structure) of any of the following:

  • Any exterior wall facing a public street or right of way
  • Fifty percent or more of the exterior walls of a building as measured continuously around the building coverage
  • Fifty percent or more of the roof area as measured in plain view (defined as the view of a building from directly above which reveals the outer perimeter of building roof areas to be measured across a horizontal plane)

Historic Buildings

All demolition permit applications will be reviewed by The Teton County Historic Preservation Board (TCHPB). Upon receipt of the demolition permit application the TCHPB will make recommendation to the Planning department within 30 calendar days from initial submission of the demolition application to the TCHP. The TCHPB will either determine that:

  • The building or structure is not historically or architecturally significant.
  • That the building or structure is historically or architecturally significant and recommend a ninety day stay in the issuance of a demolition permit for public comment and in order for the applicant, the TCHPB and other interested parties to explore alternatives to demolition. The TCHPB shall cite the historic preservation principles upon which it is relying to make its comments or recommendations regarding the impact of such demolition on historic preservation.

Application Process

To prevent unnecessary delays in the review process, it is important to submit all required plans and documentation for a demolition permit. Please submit an application packet with the following items:

  • Permit application should be submitted via email to and paid for by phone, please call 307-733-0440 x 1352.
  • Completed permit application (applicants guide to submittal materials included)
  • Letter of Authorization (This is required when the applicant is not the owner)