The uniformed patrol division of the department is co-supervised by four sergeants. Uniformed patrol is the largest unit of the Jackson Police Department. They act as the front lines of the department and serve as the most visible ambassadors of the town, 24-hours a day.


Patrol duties include: 

  • Crime prevention programs
  • Educational outreach
  • Emergency call response
  • Enforcement of state statutes and town ordinances
  • Evidence preservation and collection
  • In-depth field investigations
  • Proactive crime prevention

Through problem solving techniques, officers attempt to identify root problems and offer lasting solutions to resolve citizen complaints. Additionally, the department provides daily police services at the Jackson Hole Airport.

Standard of Excellence

Jackson officers are some of the most highly educated and trained police officers in the nation. They strive to provide exceptional customer service and superior, value driven responses to the public. Through their dedication to community policing and problem solving philosophy, they endeavor to maintain a safe and peaceful environment in which people can live, work, and play. The patrol unit’s obligations are to: 

  • Bring those who violate the law to justice
  • Enhance the quality of life throughout Jackson
  • Ensure an environment free from fear
  • Protect all people, their rights, and property
    • in accordance with legal, moral, and ethical standards.
  • Render aid to those in need
  • Work in partnership with the community to provide professional services