Victim Services

The Victim Services Department informs all crime victims of their rights and available services. They provide comprehensive services to educate, empower, and advocate for crime victims.

Victim Information Notification Everyday (VINE)

SAVIN or Victim Information Notification Everyday (VINE) program that is designed to allow victims, witnesses, or other parties to receive notification of the offender's release or movement from jail if arrested as well as notification for DOC in regards to parole, release, movement to an honor farm, death, etc.

Victims can register to have the notifications sent to a telephone (cells, home, work, and as many numbers as they want to use) or email.

Available Services

Services provided include the following

  • Advocacy: We act on the victim’s behalf to secure their rights in the Criminal Justice System.
  • Crime Victim Compensation: We assist with application forms to receive compensation from Wyoming Crime Victim Compensation Commission.
  • Criminal Justice System Information and Support: We explain the criminal justice system, provide case information, explain victim rights, and accompany victims to court.
  • Crisis Intervention and Follow Up Contact: We provide support and reassurance to assist with the emotional trauma of a crime.
  • Emergency Assistance: We meet a victim’s immediate needs by providing food, clothing, and shelter.
  • Forms of Compensation: We assist in securing insurance benefits, witness fees, and more.
  • Impact Statements: We ensure that the Court receives input as to the impact the crime has had upon the victim.
  • Referral Counseling: We guide victims to other appropriate community resources for assistance.
  • Restitution: We assist in obtaining court ordered restitution from convicted offenders.
  • Security Repairs: We replace locks, windows, and other necessities to prevent immediate re-burglarization of a victim’s home.
  • Other Assistance and Services as Needed: We provide child-care, transportation, employer intervention, and creditor intervention.
  • Housing Ombudsman Program: We will assist renters/landlords who feel they are being victimized or discriminated against.


The Teton County Victim Services Program is funded by contributions from the Town of Jackson, Teton County, Victims of Crime Act administered by the Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime, and surcharge funds collected through the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office Division of Victim Services. Local contributions or donations are used to provide emergency assistance to victims of violent crime.