Short-Term Rentals

ATTENTION:  Beginning November 20, 2023, the Town of Jackson Planning department will only accept Short-Term rental BUP applications using the Smartgov Public Portal. Emailed applications will no longer be accepted or processed.  To access the Smartgov Public Portal to create a user account, use the link provided below. All other Planning applications should be emailed to and Building applications should be emailed to

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This webpage is intended to provide helpful information to landowners and the general public on the Town’s rules for approving and enforcing short-term rentals (STRs). In particular, the Town will be implementing a new program to allow STRs in residential neighborhoods starting on January 1, 2024 (see LDR Sec. 6.1.5.C. and below for details). Please note that the process and rules for approving STRs inside vs. outside the Lodging Overlay are different.

Map of Lodging Overlay

Definition: Short-term rental means the rental of all or a portion of a residential unit such that occupancy is limited to fewer than 30 consecutive days. (see LDR Sec. 6.1.5.C.1)

What is required?

To legally operate a STR, you need both a business license and a Basic Use Permit (BUP).

    Business license: A business license must be obtained by applying to the Town’s Finance Department (for more information on applying for a business license, please see Business Licenses). Business licenses must be renewed each year.

    Basic Use Permit (BUP): All STRs in the Town require approval of a BUP from the Planning Department. **Please note that there are important differences for BUP requirements between STRs located inside and outside of the Town’s Lodging Overlay and Planned Resort Zone (see the Town GIS for the location of the Lodging Overlay and Planned Resort Zone).

o    STRs located inside the Lodging Overlay/Planned Resort Zone: Requires an initial BUP (standard BUP) with no need to renew the BUP annually. Neighbor Noticing is not required inside the Lodging Overlay.

o    STRs located outside the Lodging Overlay/Planned Resort Zone (i.e. residential zones): Requires an initial BUP (this special BUP is named "BUP-Short Term Rentals") and annual approval (renewal) of the new BUP each year the STR is operated. Neighbor Noticing is required outside the Lodging Overlay each year.

Summary of additional requirements for STRs located outside of the Lodging Overlay/Planned Resort Zone (see LDR Sec. 6.1.5.C.2 for full details)

    Limited to a maximum of 3 separate stays at the STR per calendar year

    Limited to a maximum of 60 total rental nights for each STR unit per calendar year

    Limited to the following zones: NL-1 to NL-5, NM-1, NM-2, NH-1, R, MHP, and OR

    Requires annual neighbor notification within 200’ of STR property for each year of STR operation

    The BUP for the STR expires each year on December 31

    Properties that violate the STRs requirements will not be issued a BUP for a minimum of five years

    A lease agreement for 30 days or more but that limits occupancy to less than 30 days (e.g., two weeks) is considered a short-term lease and so must meet the requirements for STRs listed above


    How Long: BUPs may take up to 45 days after application is deemed sufficient. Business license may take up to 30 days.

    Who Decides: Planning Director for BUPs and Finance Director for business licenses.

Helpful Tips

    Starting January 1, 2024, the Town will begin to allow homes outside of the Lodging Overlay (i.e., residential neighborhoods) to rent short-term per LDR Sec. 6.1.5.C.

    For existing approved STRs inside the Lodging Overlay (i.e Snow King Resort, downtown), there are no significant changes other than your existing "STR" business license will be automatically converted by the Town into a “regular” business license (business license number will stay the same). Please renew your business license annually with the Finance Department as instructed in the renewal letter.

    If your residence is located in a development with a Homeowner’s Association, you must provide written approval from the HOA to apply for a new STR.

    For STRs located outside of the Lodging Overlay, it is the obligation of the STR owner/manager to provide the Town with timely and accurate information on the 3 annual rentals using the Town’s fillable pdf rental form (see below). The form must be submitted to the Planning Department at and updated for each change in rental period. This form can be submitted with the BUP application if a rental date(s) is already known, or can be submitted after BUP approval when the rental dates are booked.

 •  For STRs located outside of the Lodging Overlay, the maximum of 60 total rental nights per calendar year applies to the property/unit as a whole, no matter how many bedrooms are being rented.

    The business license and BUP may be applied for concurrently to save time.

How to Apply 

Apply for a Basic Use Permit 

The purpose of the BUP application is to request short term rental as a use for your property. Please use the Smartgov portal system to apply for your STR permit (General Instructions for how to use Smartgov are pending, but will be available beginning November 20, 2023).

Apply for a Business License

Additional Submittal Requirements (will be submitted with BUP application in Smartgov, available beginning November 20, 2023)

These requirements apply to STRs outside of the Lodging Overlay. All application submittals must include the following required items:

  • Completed Submittal Checklist Form (see PDF below)
  • Narrative - Description of use
  • Rental Dates and Number of Nights Rented (see PDF below) - all updates to rental dates must be submitted to
  • Notarized Letter of Authorization or Warranty Deed
  • Letter from HOA (if applicable)
  • Notice to Neighbors within 200 feet (see template below)
  • Parking Plan
  • Floor Plan

Please email the Short Term Rental Dates-Fillable PDF to All other required information (narrative, LOA, neighbor notice, floor and parking plans) must be uploaded to Smartgov during the application process.

2023 Approved Short-Term Rental Properties

This list has been updated on May 10, 2023 and is organized by property address.  For example, 353 Snow King Loop would be found under the 300 TO 399 bubble:

  1. 50 TO 99
  2. 100 to 199
  3. 200 to 299
  4. 300 to 399
  5. 400 to 499
  6. 500 to 530
  7. 531 to 599
  8. 600 to 700
Property Address
License #


150 W Simpson Ave #4027635
150 W Simpson Ave #4037469
150 W Simpson Ave #4057474
150 W Simpson Ave #4077730
152 E Gill Ave #26798
152 E Gill Ave #46703
160 W Gill Ave #R1007051
160 W Gill Ave #R2017052
160 W Gill Ave #R2027053
160 W Gill Ave #R2037054
160 W Gill Ave #R2047055
160 W Gill Ave #R2057056
160 W Gill Ave #R2067057
160 W Gill Ave #R2077058
160 W Gill Ave #R2087059
160 W Gill Ave #R3017060
160 W Gill Ave #R3027061
160 W Gill Ave #R3037062
160 W Gill Ave #R3047063
160 W Gill Ave #R3057064
160 W Gill Ave #R3067065
160 W Gill Ave #R3077066
160 W Gill Ave #R3087067
170 N Millward St #1006665
170 N Millward St #2016982
170 N Millward St #2026666
170 N Millward St #2036680
170 N Millward St #2046676
170 N Millward St #2056663
170 N Millward St #2066692
170 N Millward St #3016681
170 N Millward St #3026664
170 N Millward St #3036678
170 N Millward St #3046677
170 N Millward St #3056668
170 N Millward St #3066684
175 S Glenwood #2038551
185 N Glenwood #28410
185 N Glenwood #98522
199 E Pearl Ave #2018268
199 E Pearl Ave #2027458
199 E Pearl Ave #2037424