Appeal of an Administrative Decision


The purpose of an appeal is to allow for an aggrieved person affected by any decision or interpretation by the Planning Director or Town Engineer to appeal the decision or interpretation to the Board of Adjustment for a review of whether the decision or interpretation complies with the requirements of these land development regulations (LDRs).

When Is This Required?

An appeal may be filed for any decision or interpretation of the Planning Director or Town Engineer. The appealed decision or interpretation may be only part of a larger decision, but the appealed decision or interpretation must be formally documented in the form of a permit approval, formal interpretation, or other officially issued determination.


  • How Long: Hearing within 120 days after submittal and decision within 60 days of hearing
  • Who Decides:
    • Final Decision: Board of Adjustment

Helpful Tips

  • An appeal shall stay all further action related to the subject appeal, unless a stay would cause imminent peril to life or land.

How to Apply

You must submit the application within 30 days of decision or interpretation being appealed. Please submit an application packet via email to the Planning Department that includes the following (paper applications are not accepted): 

  • An application fee: To pay the fee via credit card (visa, master card, discover)                   call 307-733-0440 X 1304
  • An application form (PDF).
  • Appellant’s Status: Describe how the appellant qualifies as an aggrieved person, as defined in Section 8.8.3, Appeal of an Administrative Decision.
  • Appeal Issues: Clearly identify the issues or provisions of the determination or interpretation that are under appeal. The applicant may wish to cite specific LDR provisions, relevant prior interpretations or determinations, or provide documentation of facts in support of arguments made or issues raised.
  • Include other pertinent information.


An appeal of an administrative decision fee is $640.