Zoning Compliance Verification


The purpose of a zoning compliance verification (ZCV) is to determine in writing if all or a portion of a property is in compliance with these land development regulations (LDRs) at a specific point in time.

When Is This Required?

A zoning compliance verification may be requested for any property, portion of a property, or attribute of a property’s physical development, use, development options, or subdivision.

Examples of zoning compliance verification requests include, but are not limited to: a determination of the current development potential on a site, identification of any apparent nonconformities on a site, review of a wetland delineation or Environmental Analysis exemption prior to application submission, and visual resource analysis that informs application submission but is not dependent upon application information for review.


  • How Long: Up to 45 days after application deemed sufficient
  • Who Decides:
    • Final Decision: Planning Director

View an info-graphic (PNG) explaining the zoning compliance verification process.

How to Apply

Please submit an application packet with two hard copies and one digital copy (via email or thumb drive) that includes the following:


Zoning compliance verification fees are $500.