Mail Delivery

Mail is quite confusing in Jackson and the surrounding area. If you are mailing a letter through the US Postal Service, be aware that most of Jackson does not get mail delivered at home. Letter must be addressed to post office boxes.

How to Address Mail

Address letters to P.O. Boxes only. UPS, FedEx and other services will deliver to physical addresses. So, when addressing mail to someone in Jackson, the Postal Service recommends the following address method, regardless of carrier:

Individual's Name
2568 No Name Street 
P.O.  Box #
City, State, Zip-Code

Note: UPS, FedEx, and other non-USPS carriers usually ignore the P.O. Box number and deliver packages to the physical address. But, if the package ends up at the post office without a P.O. Box listed, it will likely be returned!