Childcare/Early Childhood Education 

Finding care for the youngest members of our community is no easy feat. To support guardians, parents, and the youngest among us, the Town connected with the Department of Family Services (DFS), which licenses early childhood education providers, to create this list of providers in our area. The Town will update this list annually, and is also working to find levers to support local providers. Addressing one challenge, at the bottom of this page, find an outline of the process for Substitute Early Childhood Education (ECE) teachers to qualify to teach at multiple providers through DFS.

Childcare/Early Childhood Education Providers 

Street addresses are in Jackson unless otherwise noted. 

Substitute Teacher Qualifying Process

The state is working to simplify and streamline the process for ECE substitutes to easily work for multiple providers. In the meantime, DFS maintains a list of qualified substitutes for licensed providers to access with a password and has created a probationary period for Substitutes already qualified at one provider to start working for a different provider during the qualifying process for that provider. 

Substitute teachers already qualified by one provider do not have to meet all requirements immediately to begin working someplace else. Providers must officially hire Substitutes on their first day of work, which is also when a 90-day time period begins for the Sub to work at that provider as they progress through the qualification steps. Providers must ensure all subs are fully qualified on or before their 91st day of work including the following.

  • TB assessment 
  • Staff orientation at the provider's site
  • Central registry for Wyoming and/or out of state registry, if necessary 
  • Sex offender check, sent automatically once central registry is complete  
  • Fingerprints, unless filed in the last 6 months and then copies can be requested. DFS is currently paying for all background checks.

Please contact Penny Hotovec at DFS with questions: 307-754-2245 ext. 22