Monday,  August 6, 2018
6:00 PM
Town Council Chambers

NOTICE:  The video and audio for this meeting are streamed to the public via the internet and mobile devices with views that may encompass all areas, participants, and audience members.  Please silence all electronic devices during the meeting. 



A.   Call to Order / Roll Call
B.   Pledge of Allegiance
C.   Announcements:
          1.  Employee Introduction Elijah Mattson, Police Officer

Public Comment

This section is reserved for questions and comments from the public on items that are not otherwise included in this agenda.  If you would like to communicate with the Council during the meeting, please address them during open public comment, when public comment is called for on a specific item, or send an email to

Consent Calendar

All matters listed in this section are considered to be of routine nature by the governing body and will be enacted in one motion. Individual discussion will not be held, if discussion of any item is desired, Council will remove it from the consent calendar and consider that item separately.
A.   Minutes
        1.  July 16, 2018 workshop
        2.  July 16, 2018 regular meeting
B.   Disbursements
C.   Temporary Sign Permit:  Fireman’s Ball (P18-219)
D.   Temporary Sign Permit:  Wild West Skateboard Contest Series (P18-229)
E.   Temporary Sign Permit:  Greater Yellowstone Crane Festival (P18-230)
F.    Temporary Sign Permit:  Wild Fest (P18-231)
G.   Temporary Sign Permit:  Old Bills (P18-232)
H.   Special Event:   Jackson Hole Public Art – PARK(ing) Day 
I.     Bid 19-02 Award for 2018 Fall Street Patching Contract
J.    Malt Beverage Permit for Jackson Hole Shrine Club
K.   Three Permanent Utility Easements from Jody and Linda Burkes, Trustees of the Burkes Family Trust, from Bluffs Development Group LLC, and from Wayboard, LLC to the Town


Public Hearings, Discussion and/or Action Items



1.   Amendment to the Revenue Recapture Plan and Lease Amendment for Vertical Harvest (Roxanne Robinson, Assistant Town Manager)
2.   Garage Parking Lease with Jackson Hole Airport for Ride2Fly (Larry Pardee, Town Manager)
3.   Wyoming Inn Holdings, LLC Restaurant Liquor License Application (Sandy Birdyshaw, Town Clerk)


Housing Department

1.   Letter of Support and Draft Ground Lease for 174 N. King  (April Norton, Housing Director)


1.  Item P18-046: Fee Waiver Request for Central Wyoming College for 235 & 255 Veronica Lane (Brendan Conboy, Associate Planner)  Request to continue to the September 17, 2018 meeting
2.  Item P18-047, 48, 49: Sketch Plan, Zoning Map Amendment, and Conditional Use Permit at 235 & 255 Veronica Lane (Brendan Conboy, Associate Planner )   Request to continue to the September 17, 2018 meeting
3.  Item P18-095: Request for Deadline Extension at 1255 W Hwy 22 (Tyler Valentine, Senior Planner)
4.  Item P18-135: Hillside CUP – Westview Townhomes at 1255 W Hwy 22 (Tyler Valentine, Senior Planner)
5.  Item P18-136: Development Agreement Amendment at 1255 W Hwy 22 (Tyler Valentine, Senior Planner)
6.  Item P18-157, -158: Sketch Plan & PUD at 605-685 Powderhorn Lane (Paul Anthony, Principal Planner)



A.  Resolution 18-16:  A Resolution Amending Contested Case Rules Resolution #17-19 (Lea Colasuonno, Assistant Town Attorney)


A.   Ordinance N:  An Ordinance Amending and Reenacting Section 13.12.020 of the Jackson Municipal Code regarding Procurement of Water Meters (Presented for 1st Reading, Brian Lenz, Town Engineer)
B.   Ordinance O: An Ordinance Amending and Reenacting Section 1.12.010 of the Jackson Municipal Code regarding Penalties for Municipal Code Violations (Presented for 1st Reading, Audrey Cohen-Davis, Town Attorney)


Matters from Mayor and Council

A.   Purchase / Sale for Office Space
B.   Board and Commission Reports


Matters from the Town Manager

A.  Town Manager's Report  



Please note that at any point during the meeting, the Mayor and Council may change the order of items listed on this agenda.  In order to ensure that you are present at the time your item of interest is discussed, please join the meeting at the beginning to hear any changes to the schedule or agenda.