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Request Police Department Record

  1. For reports longer than 10 pages, 10 cents per page will be charged. If mailed, a fee of $5 plus the cost of copies (prepaid) will be charged.
  2. The Following Information Will Not Be Released
    Records that involve criminal history records, records pertaining to minors, records of sexual assault investigations or records obtained through a 911 emergency telephone system. The decision to disclose or refrain from disclosing the investigative reports in question is a matter of Jackson Police Department discretion.

    Additionally, Jackson Police Department files may include confidential information, such as medical records, coroner’s reports, and confidential reports issued by other agencies or companies and individuals. This information will not be released. Graphic or sensitive photographs and personal information of people or corporations who have contributed documents or information to aid in the investigation will not be released without a court order.

    In addition, the disclosure of law enforcement investigative reports may be contrary to the public interest. The reasons vary from case to case. Disclosure of the reports under some circumstances would severely hinder the integrity of the investigation and the subsequent criminal proceedings. It may also damage the reputation of a person who is initially a suspect but later absolved of any wrongdoing. In such instances, the report will not be released.
  3. Please note if it is the defendant, victim, or client.
  4. Items Requested
  5. I hereby request a copy of the below described Jackson Police Department report(s). I understand the Jackson Police Department will make a reasonable effort to comply with the Wyoming Public Records Act.
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  7. Report Released
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