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Malt Beverage Permit - 24 Hour

  1. W.S. 12-4-502. Twenty-four hour malt beverage permit and catering permit; restrictions; application procedure; fees.
    (a) A malt beverage permit authorizing the sale of malt beverages only may be issued by the appropriate licensing authority to any responsible person or organization for sales at a picnic, bazaar, fair, rodeo, special holiday or similar public gathering. No person or organization holding the special permit shall sell any alcoholic liquor other than malt beverages on the premises described on the permit, nor shall any malt beverage be sold or consumed off the premises authorized by the permit.
  2. JMC 6.50.020. Malt Beverage Permits.
    (b)It shall be the duty and obligation of the permit holder to ensure that no sales are made to any person under the age of 21 years.

    (c)The permits authorized by this section shall be issued for one, twenty-four hour period, subject to the schedule of operating hours provided in Section 6.40.030 of this Code. No person or organization shall receive more than a total of twelve malt beverage permits for sales at the same premises in any one year, except that this limitation shall not be applicable to malt beverage permits issued for sales at any fair, rodeo, pari-mutuel event or other similar public event conducted by a public entity upon public premises.

    (d)The permit shall be issued without notice on application to the Town Council on forms prepared by the Town of Jackson. The fee for a malt beverage permit, shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00) per twenty-four hour period.
  3. All Malt Beverage Permits requests must be approved by the Jackson Town Council. Please submit the completed application at least 21 days in advance of the date of the event.
  4. I have read, understand, and will comply with the above laws governing a Malt Beverage Permit.
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