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1. What Town Streets are plowed?
2. When are Town streets plowed?
3. Who plows streets in Town?
4. When is parking prohibited on Town streets?
5. What are residents responsible for clearing?
6. How can I help during Snow Storms?
7. The plow left snow at the end of my driveway. Can someone come plow it?
8. Can you tell me when my street will be plowed?
9. Can you please plow my street now?
10. Why hasn't my street been cleared?
11. Why can't plows pile snow in the middle of roads instead of on sidewalks?
12. Why do snowplows drive around when it's not snowing?
13. My vehicle was ticketed and towed. What do I do?
14. I called Public Works and the line was busy. What do I do?
15. Still have questions? Text them to 307-888-0733.