How long does the application process take?

The  application  process  takes  4 to 6  business  weeks to process. For further details, please contact Town Hall.

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1. Where can I find more information on short -term rentals?
2. Where can I find a residential short-term application?
3. How long does the application process take?
4. Where can I find the Ordinance for residential short -term rentals?
5. Is there a map that shows where short -term rentals are allowed?
6. Can I rent my property if I don’t have my short -term rental license?
7. What information will I need for the application?
8. How do I get the list of neighbors within 300 feet for the Neighbor Notice?
9. How much is the residential short-term license fee?
10. what do I do if I have some concerns regarding a short -term rental in my neighborhood?
11. What do I need for my building and/or fire inspection?