How are the motorcade placements assigned?

This is a first-come-first-serve system. When your registration form is submitted, it will be time stamped and will allow us to line people up in sequential order. Submitting multiple entries will not increase your motorcade position. If you submit multiple entries, all but the first entry will be vacated, but the entry fees will still be charged. 

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1. How are the motorcade placements assigned?
2. If I register for the motorcade, do all my passengers need to register as well?
3. How many people can I have in my vehicle?
4. Where does the motorcade take me to look for shed antlers?
5. Do I need to register with the motorcade to shed hunt other areas of Wyoming?
6. Can I swap out vehicles after the initial lineup?
7. If I am unable to make the trip, can someone else line up in my spot?
8. When and where can I legally collect shed antlers?
9. Can I collect antlers from the National Elk Refuge?
10. Can I collect heads from dead elk or other ungulates (“deadheads”)?
11. On April 16th I didn’t get an email telling me what my line-up number was. Why is that?