Can you please plow my street now?

We wish we had enough snowplows and drivers to take care of every street right away, but our resources are limited so we have a set system for clearing the streets. Emergency routes and main arteries are prioritized first for snow plowing, the remainder of streets are plowed after that, then alleys, and then parking lots. Plows are not permitted to deviate from their assigned routes to keep snow removal operations as effective and efficient as possible. If plows got diverted each time special requests were made, the system would not work, and it would take a lot longer to get everything cleared. 

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1. When are Town streets plowed?
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6. The plow left snow at the end of my driveway. Can someone come plow it?
7. Can you tell me when my street will be plowed?
8. Can you please plow my street now?
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13. I called Public Works and the line was busy. What do I do?
14. Still have questions? Text them to 307-777-0733.