Can I carry a firearm in Teton County & the Town of Jackson?

Answer: Wyoming has no laws preventing the carrying of firearms “open-carry” style, meaning the firearm must be visible and not concealed. Additionally, effective 07/01/2021 the State of Wyoming now allows any U.S. resident that is legally allowed to possess firearms to carry concealed in the State without a concealed firearms permit. Wyoming also allows for concealed carry of firearms if you are a Wyoming resident for at least 6 months; or have a concealed carry permit issued in Wyoming; or if you have a concealed carry permit from a state recognized by Wyoming (see link for current list); or if you are a current sworn law enforcement officer in the United States; or if you are a qualifying retired law enforcement officer (certain restrictions apply). However, Wyoming does prohibit the carrying of firearms in the following locations: government buildings; law enforcement facilities; court houses; schools; public meetings; school sanctioned athletic events or fields; bars; and religious institutions unless approved by the person in charge of the facility. You should also check current federal laws pertaining to carrying weapons in National Parks. We recommend you contact the proper National Park authorities to confirm current regulations that might be in place.

Out-of-State concealed permit info

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