What do I do if my pet goes missing?

If, despite proper precautions, you and your pet somehow manage to part ways, a call to the Shelter at 307-733-2139 may help you to become quickly reunited. Please be prepared to: describe your pet - breed, coloration, sex, collar & tags (if any); tell where and when you had it last; and leave your name and phone number for future contact.

We also recommend notifying Teton County Dispatch at 307-733-2331 in case law enforcement or animal control is called directly to pick up the animal.

If your pet is found, it will more than likely be brought to the Shelter for safekeeping. However, this is not always the case. The Shelter also keeps track of lost and found pets that are not brought in. You can still phone in information about your pet and how you can be reached, and if someone calls saying that they found that animal the Shelter will assist in bringing the two of you together.

If your animal is brought to the shelter, there are fees associated with any impoundment. To release an impounded animal will cost $31 for the first offense, $43 for the second, $61 for the third, and $122 for any subsequent offense within a calendar year. In addition, a boarding fee of $18/night will be added after the first night. Cash, check, or credit card are all accepted.

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