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The original item was published from 2/18/2020 9:07:33 AM to 2/26/2020 12:00:02 AM.

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Police Blotter

Posted on: February 18, 2020

[ARCHIVED] Police Blotter


Police Blotter

February 14-17, 2020

We hope everyone enjoyed their President’s Day weekend.  With some luck and good decision making, you managed not to become a blotter item.  

20020110:  Traffic Collision (non-injury)

20020823:  On February 16, 2020, at about 9:34 a.m., Cpl. P. Smith responded to a report of Destruction of Property.  The victim reported seeing a woman ’key’ his vehicle because she didn’t like where he had parked.  We would suggest leaving  a note next time, not committing a crime.  Cpl. P. Smith will be doing some follow-up to identify the woman.  We can only hope the damage amount doesn’t constitute a felony and he can just write her a citation.

20021490:  On February 14, 2020, at about 1:41 p.m., Officer Raab responded to a Disturbance.  It was reported that an older man was attempting to leave a restaurant without paying his tab.  Officer Raab learned the man had attempted to pay with a fraudulent check and tried to run when the bar tender recognized it as a fake.  As luck would have it, a witness was present that had seen the man attempt the same thing in Utah.  Small world.  We arrested the 59 year old transient man for Defrauding and Innkeeper.  He has a lengthy criminal history of the same type of behavior.

20021509:  Lost Property (Lost Wallet)

20021522:  On February 14, 2020, at about 10:07 p.m., Sgt. Ruschill responded to a Collision Hit & Run.  The vehicle owner was told by a third party that his parked vehicle was struck.  An investigation revealed that the legally parked mini-van was struck when another vehicle left an alley and made a too-narrow-radius turn to the right and collided with the parked vehicle.  Leads were not substantial enough to determine a suspect.  

20021551:  On February 15, 2020, at about 2:15 a.m., Officer O’Donnell responded to a report of an intoxicated male who had urinated on a taxi cab.  Yep, we just said that.  Officer O’Donnell arrived, and sure enough, the man was heavily intoxicated and didn’t know how he was getting home, or where home even was.  Officer O’Donnell had to arrest the 45 year old Phoenix, AZ man for Public Intoxication. 

20021592:  On February 15, 2020, at about 2:53 p.m., Officer Mattson responded to a report of an intoxicated female.  He arrived, found the female and detained her so he could figure out what to do with her.  Getting an intoxicated person home is always the first choice, but in this case we had to arrest the 27 year old Bedford, WY woman for Public Intoxication.  When we tried to put her in the police car, she started kicking.  Fortunately, no one got hurt and we got her to the jail for booking.

20021600:  On February 15, 2020, at about 5:05 p.m., Cpl. Jones responded to a report of Shoplifting.  The man was being detained by store employees after having been caught shoplifting some sushi.  Must have been some good sushi.  The man also doing the same on previous occasions, totaling about $175.00.  Cpl. Jones gave the man a citation and was trespassed from the property.  If he wants sushi, he’s going to have to go elsewhere.

20021626:  On February 15, 2020, at about 11:27 p.m., Cpl. C. Smith stopped a vehicle for multiple lane violations leading him to suspect the driver was intoxicated.  He contacted the driver and found that he was, in fact, intoxicated.  Cpl. C. Smith administered some field sobriety testing and the man did poorly.  His portable breath test was a .14%.

20021634:  On February 16, 2020, at about 1:38 a.m., Sgt. Ruschill responded to a one vehicle collision.  I arrived an found the 17 year old driver was intoxicated and had rolled his vehicle.  Fortunately, no one else was involved.  Sgt. Ruschill arrested the driver, contacted their parents, and released the juvenile to an adult with the following citations:  Speed Faster than Reasonably Prudent, Failing to Maintain Lane, and DUI.  His alcohol test was a .09%.  This could have ended so much worse.  We’re glad everyone is okay and hope the juvenile’s ’Wakeup Call’ has some lasting effect.  

20021740:  On February 17, 2020, at about 2:36 a.m., RO White responded to a report of a woman who said a man had urinated in her yard and tried to get into her house.  We arrived and searched the area.  It looks like we followed the suspect’s tracks to a residence, but were unable to identify the suspect with the information we had.  We even got permission to look at everyone’s shoes to compare to the footprints but didn’t find a match.  That’s frustrating, but we are going to keep an eye on the victim’s house and refer her to the Community Safety Network for extra advice and assistance.

20021787:  On February 17, 2020 at about 12:48 p.m., Officer Osmond responded to a report of someone who fell on town property.  Looks like the person slipped on some ice.  The person was transported to the hospital for possible injury.  

2002:1799:  On February 17, 2020, at about 2:38 p.m., Sgt. Phillips responded to a report of Collision Hit & Run:  The collision reportedly occurred the day before.  The vehicle was struck while parked in a business parking lot.

20021854:  On February 17, 2020, at about 10:02 p.m., RO White responded to a report of a man who was having mental issues and who was also intoxicated.  As if the man didn’t have enough problems, he chose to drive his vehicle in that condition as well.  We found him and RO White administered some field sobriety tests.  He did poorly on those tests and we had to arrest the 30 year old Jackson, WY man for DUI.  His mental issues were more important though, so we took him to the hospital.  We hope he gets the kind of help he needs.

That’s it from your holiday weekend.  Have a great week, Jackson!

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