Monday,  July 16, 2018
3:00 PM
Town Council Chambers

NOTICE:  The video and audio for this meeting are streamed to the public via the internet and mobile devices with views that may encompass all areas, participants, and audience members.  Please silence all electronic devices during the meeting. 


Opening / Roll Call


Police Utility Vehicle Purchase

Johnny Ziem, Interim Public Works Director (20 Minutes)

Town Electric Bicycle Program

Johnny Ziem, Interim Public Works Director (20 Minutes)

Proposed Future Workshop Agenda Items

A.    TBD      Sign Code (Lea Colasuonno, 60 Minutes)
B.    8/20      Reducing Plastic Bag Waste (Johnny Ziem, 30 Minutes)
C.    8/20      Managed Parking Process (Tyler Sinclair, 30 Minutes)
D.    9/17      Cache Creek Drainage Tube Discussion (Brian Lenz, 30 Minutes)
E.    9/17      Residential Rental Ombudsman (Audrey Cohen-Davis, 30 Minutes)
F.     9/17      Snow King Leases (Audrey Cohen-Davis, 30 Minutes)
G.  10/15     Hillside Regulations (Tyler Sinclair, 30 Minutes)
H.  10/15     Flat Creek Corridor (Brian Lenz, 30 Minutes)
I.    11/19     Stormwater Management (Brian Lenz, 30 Minutes)


Adjourn Workshop

Adjourn workshop to executive session to discuss the selection of a site or the purchase of real estate when the publicity regarding the consideration would cause a likelihood of an increase in price in accordance with Wyoming Statute 16-4-405(a)(vii), to discuss potential litigation in accordance with Wyoming Statute 16-4-405(a)(iii), and to discuss personnel matters in accordance with Wyoming Statute 16-4-405(a)(ii).

Please note that at any point during the meeting, the Mayor and Council may change the order of items listed on this agenda.  In order to ensure that you are present at the time your item of interest is discussed, please join the meeting at the beginning to hear any changes to the schedule or agenda.