Town Council & County Commissioner Meeting
Monday, July 16, 2018 at 1
:00 PM
County Commissioners Chambers
Chair:  Mark Newcomb

NOTICE:  The video and audio for this meeting are streamed to the public via the internet and mobile devices with views that encompass all areas, participants, and audience members. Please silence all electronic devices during the meeting. 


Call to Order, Roll Call, and Announcements


Discussion and/or Action Items

A.  Housing Mitigation Requirements LDR Updates
      1.  (County) AMD2017-0004:  Consideration of Adoption.
      2.  (Town) Ordinance L:  An Ordinance Amending and Reenacting Division 6.3 and Other Sections of the Town of Jackson Land Development Regulations regarding the Affordable Workforce Housing Required to be Provided with Development.  (Presented for 3rd Reading and designated Ordinance 1196) 



Please note that at any point during the meeting, the Chairman or Mayor may change the order of items listed on this agenda.  In order to ensure that you are present at the time your item of interest is discussed, please join the meeting at the beginning to hear any changes to the schedule or agenda.