2024 Jackson Hole Antler Hunt

Welcome Shed Hunters!

On this page you will find information for the Shed Hunt Opener in Jackson, Wyoming. Every Spring, thousands of people travel to western Wyoming for the chance of picking up shed antlers from moose, deer and elk. This page will help you register for the Jackson Police Motorcade, which gives participants first access to the public land bordering the National Elk Refuge on May 1st at 6am.

On the following tabs you will find our registration form and other helpful information about event and our partner agencies who also wish to make this a safe, fun, and memorable event for you and your families.

  1. Registering
  2. Rules
  3. Parking & Horses

***Important information***

The $20 reservation fee for the motorcade is non-refundable. This includes, but is not limited to, all situations including duplicate entries, non-resident entries, trip cancellations.

Only Wyoming residents may participate in the opening day(s) of shed antler collection. There will not be a second motorcade for non-residents, so it is unnecessary for non-residents to make a reservation.

Applicants must complete all blank fields on this application and submit the application prior to the form closure date.

After completing and submitting your application, an automated message will be sent to the email address you provided to confirm your form was received. Please ensure you give a valid email address.

Only Wyoming residents are allowed to reserve a spot in the motorcade. (see “Rules” tab for more details)

Participants who applied will be emailed again between April 16-April 29 to advise them of their position in the motorcade and the timeframe to arrive at the Teton County Fair Grounds parking lot for placement.

***Link to Reservation link*** REGISTRATION OPENS APRIL 1, 2024.

Click HERE to check out the 2024 Jackson Hole Antler Hunt FAQs

If you have questions that are not addressed by the FAQ page or other tabs, please email Sgt. J. Traphagan at shedhunt@jacksonwy.gov.

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