Wildlife Feeding and Bear Resistant Trash 

Jackson's Town Council approved updates to its Wildlife Feeding Ordinance and a new ordinance requiring bear-resistant trash cans within a designated 'Bear Conflict Zone.' Both ordinances go into effect April 1, 2023. Currently, the Town is encouraging residents outside of the zone to wait to buy bear-resistant trashcans until after April, so those in the zone can get containers first.

  • The Wildlife Feeding Ordinance prohibits feeding wildlife in the Town of Jackson, which means: 
    1. Do not feed wildlife, intentionally or unintentionally.
    2. Do not plant new fruit bearing trees that won't be harvested for food. Existing fruit trees (crabapple, cherry, etc.) should be fenced, pruned, and harvested to prevent wildlife from feeding on fruit. (Gardens and crops are not prohibited, but consider planting native species.)
    3. Keep bird feeders out of reach to wildlife other than birds, including the area below feeders. 
    4. Other attractants such as beehives, petfood, grease, and compost piles, must be stored in bear-resistant containers, buildings, fencing, or enclosures. 
    5. CLICK HERE to read full the Ordinance.
  • The Bear Resistant Container Ordinance  
    1. Trash must be stored in a bear-resistant container or enclosure within the designated 'Bear Conflict Zone.' The Map of the zone is included below, or look at the GIS map server by CLICKING HERE. 
    2. Bear-resistant containers are encouraged, but not required, in parts of Town outside the 'Bear Conflict Zone.' 
    3. Do not 'Snowcone,' or overfill your trash container so it will not close. 
    4. CLICK HERE to read full the Ordinance.

Bear Map