SPET Education 


SPET, our Town and County's 'Specific Purpose Excise Tax,' is a penny of sales tax for capital and infrastructure projects. Tourists pay more than 50% of sales tax collected in our area.

Voting for SPET Initiatives will not increase taxes as this penny is already in-place. You can vote for any or all of the initiatives on this year’s ballot. SPET Initiatives that receive a majority of votes will keep the SPET penny in-place until they are funded.







Each SPET initiative was randomly assigned a number for the ballot, which appear below. Click the numbers to read about each initiative (the full list appears at the end of this page too).

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Teton County Employee Housing

#1 Teton County Employee Housing | $10M: For the purchase of land and planning, designing, engineering, and constructing Teton County employee rental housing. 



  • October 4: SPET-Forum hosted by JH Chamber & JH Rotary | 12-1pm @ Lodge at JH

  • October 6: SPET-Forum hosted by JH Chamber & JH Rotary |  7:30-9am @ Lodge at JH

  • October 13: Open House & Forum hosted by League of Women Voters, Teton County Library, JH News & Guide, Buckrail, WyoFile, & KHOL | 5:00-8:00pm @ Library

  • October 24: SPET Housing Forum hosted by and at Pinky G's Pizza | 5:30-7:00pm @ Pinky G's

  • November 4: SPET Forum hosted by the Senior Center @ Friday Feast | 11:30am - 1:30pm @ the Senior Center




  • #1 Teton County Employee Housing | $10M: For the purchase of land and planning, designing, engineering, and constructing Teton County employee rental housing. 
  • #2 Teton Youth & Family Services Facility Improvements | $2M: For designing, constructing, upgrading, remodeling, rebuilding, and improving Teton Youth & Family Services' existing facilities at Hirschfield Center, Van Vleck Group Home, and Red Top Meadows.
  • #3 Transportation Alternatives & Safe Routes to School | $15M: For projects to improve transportation alternatives in Teton County and the Town of Jackson, including the planning, design, engineering, and constructing of pathways and sidewalks for safe routes to school, community, and recreation as well as the Stilson transit center and park-n-ride facility and the purchase and installation of transit infrastructure. Any unexpected funds, including any unused contingency funds, shall be placed into a designated account, the principal and interest of which shall be used for operations and maintenance of these projects. CLICK HERE for more info. 
  • #4 Jackson Hole Fire/EMS Fire Station | $15M: For planning, designing, and constructing a new fire station in Hoback and/or Wilson and for demolishing the existing station(s) that will be replaced.
  • #5 Central Wyoming College Campus | $10M: Planning, designing, engineering, and constructing an approximately 21,000 sq. ft. permanent campus for providing higher education opportunities in fields such as healthcare, early childhood education, hospitality, and language for Central Wyoming College in Teton County. CLICK HERE to learn more.
  • #6 St. John's Health Housing | $24M: For planning, designing, engineering, and constructing workforce rental housing, as well as overnight lodging for on-call hospital staff and patients/families. CLICK HERE to learn more.
  • #7 Town of Jackson Sidewalks & Pedestrian Accessibility | $3M: To improve walkability and accessibility in the Town of Jackson, including planning, designing, constructing, replacing, and installing sidewalks, accessibility features consistent with the ADA, pedestrian and bike safety features, mobility, and wayfinding signs.  
  • #8 Town of Jackson Employee Housing | $10M: For the purchase of land and planning, designing, engineering, and constructing Town of Jackson employee rental housing. 
  • #9 Teton County Land Conservation Opportunities | $8M: For Teton County Scenic Preserve Trust to acquire interests in state trust or private land to conserve wildlife habitat, protect open space, protect historic agricultural uses, protect scenic values, and protect public access. CLICK HERE to learn more. 
  • #10 Teton County School District Bronc Achievement Center | $17M : For designing, constructing, and equipping a new school facility that will include indoor recreational space for community youth sports programs, academic classrooms, and laboratories.
  • #11 Energy Conservation Works Projects | $5M: For funding community solar and/or other local renewable energy generation; alternative fuel transportation projects; energy audits; planning, design, and construction of energy conservation and emission reduction projects. 
  • #12 Community Housing | $20M: To preserve and create permanent Affordable and Workforce homes for local workers and their families. This may be accomplished through the purchase of deed restrictions and/or interests in land on which to design, plan, develop, engineer, construct deed restricted housing in conformance with the Jackson/Teton County Housing Supply Plan. Town Council and County Commissioners must authorize and direct the expenditures of these funds. CLICK HERE to learn more. 
  • #13 Senior Center of Jackson Hole Senior Assisted Living Planning | $2M: To hire professional services to perform and provide a needs assessment, feasibility study, and proposed options for establishing senior assisted living facilities in Teton County, which may include design and planning. CLICK HERE to learn more. 
  • #14 Teton County School District Employee Housing | $16M: For planning, designing, engineering and constructing multi-family housing for Teton County School District #1 employees. 
  • #15 Teton County Water Quality Projects | $10M: To fund water quality projects that will protect and improve surface and ground water resources in Teton County, such as the Wilson Sewer project, the Town of Jackson stormwater pollution prevention project, and projects to be identified in the Teton County Water Quality Master Plan.