Property Tax 

The Town has not collected property taxes for the last forty-seven years. Property taxes have been collected and utilized by Teton County, the School District, the Library, the Fair, the Conservation District, and Weed and Pest, but not the Town.

Since the 1970s, the Town has generated 74% of its revenue from Sales tax. This is the first year the Town will collect a half-mill of property tax, which will mean an increase of $47.50 annually for a property valued at $1M.

The Town has not collected property tax since the 1970s. Various Town Councilors have stated that collecting 1/2 mill will follow Teton County's use of property tax mills to support Fire/EMS, a joint department with a continuous rise in calls for service and the need for related resources.

Town Council's decision to utilize a small amount of property tax came with much discussion about potential tax relief for residents that cannot keep up with increases. The Council and Town staff are looking into potential grants and other local and federal programs that provide property tax relief, and discussions about potential programs will continue.

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