Cost to Repair

Cost to Repair Graphic

What the Money Will Be Used For

The money will be used for:

  • Acquiring land and/or easements
  • Planning, engineering, and constructing a system to stop the landslide
  • Restoring public infrastructure
  • Relocating and replacing impacted utilities

West Broadway Landslide Remediation SPET Outlook

Financial Category Amount
Total Expenses to Remediate Slide $10,250,614
Total Revenue to Remediate Slide (includes shortfall) $4,250,614
SPET $6,000,000

Landslide Remediation Revenue

Revenue Source Amount
County Consensus (SLIB) $882,229
Mineral Royalty Grant (MRG) $1,000,000
WYDOT Funding $600,000
County General Fund $500,000
Water Funds $340,000
Sewer Funds $65,000
Revenue Shortfall $863,385
Total Available Revenue to Remediate Slide $4,250,614

Landslide Remediation Expenditures

Expenditures Amount
Town Land Acquisition $250,000
Design and Engineering $625,000
Construction $9,375,614
Total Expenses to Remediate Slide $10,250,614