Energy Conservation Works


Energy Conservation Works (formerly JHESP) has a mission to make Jackson Hole a leader in energy efficiency and energy innovation; to transform the community into a model for sustainability, cost savings, and conservation; to provide outreach and education; and to provide creative investment opportunities to realize the goals of energy independence for future generations.


ECW’s overarching goal is to secure and preserve economically feasible energy costs and sustain and/or reverse the impacts of the built environment on the natural environment. To achieve this overall goal, ECW has identified the following specific targets:

  • Mitigate the additional 30 megawatts of energy needed to meet Jackson Hole’s load growth for the next 20 years by 33% through resource conservation.
  • Develop local renewable energy options that generate 2 megawatts of additional energy over the next 20 years.
  • Achieve an 80% penetration rate for energy efficiency building retrofits in each community district outlined by the project.
  • Define efficiency and renewable energy options with a positive return on investment for low cost financing that allow for variable energy and technology prices.
  • Use energy use and emissions inventory data and the ECW partnership to support the wide array of organizations already working on reducing emissions from transportation.
  • Encourage and advocate for adoption of building codes requiring maximum energy efficiency for future buildings and infrastructure.

ECW Board

For meeting and board members information, please visit the ECW Board page.

Additional Information

For more information and to find out how you can get involved, visit the Energy Conservation Project Website.

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