Local Businesses

The Town of Jackson has an eclectic business environment. Once primarily a ranching community, Jackson Hole has become a dude ranch hot spot, tourist destination, and a lifestyle small town. You'll find souvenir shops situated next to high-end art galleries, mutual funds managers, and genetic research labs. The tax structures of the state and local governments have created a welcoming business environment.

Visit the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Website for more information on many of our existing local businesses.

Image of a Local Business Area

Start a Business

If you are interested in staring a business in the town of Jackson, please fill out a Business License Application (PDF) to get started and visit the Permits & Applications Page for any other relevant paperwork.

Business License Holders

The List of Current Business License Holders (PDF) is updated monthly. If you have a question about business licensing, please contact the Town of Jackson Finance Department.

License Renewal Notice

View the Business License Renewal Notice (PDF).