Welcome Center (HOME RANCH) 

The Home Ranch Welcome Center is a greeting place from the Town of Jackson to our guests. Conveniently located just two blocks from the Town Square, you will find:

  • Downtown parking
  • Ever changing art gallery
  • Kiosks with up-to-date information on activities and events happening in and around Jackson
  • Restrooms
  • Tourist information

The Home Ranch building is a state-of-the-art, LEED Gold certified, energy-efficient building. Additionally, the Home Ranch parking lot is home to one of four free Electric Vehicle charging stations.

Image of the Home Ranch Building

Additional Parking Garage & Restrooms

Additional restrooms and downtown parking can also be found at the Deloney Center and the large Parking Garage. Please note: Overnight parking is not allowed at any public parking lot with the exception of the Parking Garage where you can park for up to 48 hours.

LEED Gold Certified Construction

The Town of Jackson is proud to have met the strict energy and environmental requirements in order for the Home Ranch Welcome Center to be certified LEED Gold. Some of the unique energy-saving features of this building include solar electric photovoltaic power, solar thermal hot water heating, and geothermal heating and cooling. Learn more about the Town of Jackson's energy-saving initiatives on the Environmental initiatives Page.