Before You Adopt

There are always animals available for adoption at the Shelter. Sometimes, as when an animal is surrendered, quite a bit will be known about the animal and its habits, training, etc. Other times, with strays, educated guesses will be made as to age, temperament, training, etc. We encourage you to spend some time getting to know an animal you are considering adopting to ensure it is a good fit.

Adoption FAQs

Click the link above to find answers to a few common questions about our adoption process.


The adoption fee is $45 for dogs, $30 for cats. Other fees may include:

  • Rabies Vaccine: If the shelter administered a rabies vaccine to an animal, $25 is charged. The shelter does not charge for other vaccines administered.
  • Microchip Fee: Each animal at the shelter has been microchipped for identification and recovery purposes. An additional $15 fee will be required at the time of adoption to cover the cost of this service.
  • Teton County Pet License: If you and your pet reside in Teton County, we will provide you with a pet license. The cost is $5 for spayed or neutered pets and $10 for intact pets.

Ready for Pet Ownership

Please be sure that you are ready for the responsibility of pet ownership and have permission to house the pet in your residence. Many of the animals in the Shelter have been abandoned or surrendered because of their owner’s change in living situation. Before considering adopting an animal, be sure you are ready for the commitment.

Click here for a Dog Adoption Application

Click here for a Cat Adoption Application