Police Blotter

The Police Blotter is a tool the Jackson Police Department uses to summarize weekly incidents and to highlight our officers great work. The summary is compiled using reports written by our officers. For now, that will include all written reports unless it becomes impractical to do so. It does not include all calls for service, only those that result in a report. Whenever possible, case numbers will be included for your reference.

The Police Blotter will be posted online daily, Monday through Friday. Incidents occurring Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be posted by Monday afternoon. City holidays and other circumstances may delay posting by one or more days. The Police Blotter is provided for convenience only and will continue to be completed as staffing and time permits. You may request a report, but please remember that there may be some processing time involved, especially if redactions are required or if additional information is needed from the officer.

The decision to disclose or refrain from disclosing investigative reports is a matter of the Jackson Police Department as set forth in W.S.S. 16-4-203. Requests may be denied under the following general guidelines:

• Graphic or sensitive photographs and personal information of people or corporations who have contributed documents or information to aid in the investigation.

• Confidential information, such as medical records, coroner’s reports, and confidential reports issued by other agencies or companies and individuals.

• Law enforcement investigative reports whose release would be contrary to the public interest. The reasons will vary from case to case, but denial will be based on whether the disclosure of reports would severely hinder the integrity of the investigation and the subsequent criminal proceedings. Reasons may also include the damage to reputations of a person who is initially a suspect but later absolved of any wrongdoing.

• Records that involve criminal history records, records pertaining to minors, records of sexual assault investigations or records obtained through a 911 emergency telephone system.

The blotter is compiled in the morning using only what information is available at the time and should only serve as a guide for reporters. Information and details in a case can change throughout the day and during the course of an investigation. Therefore, please verify all information, prior to printing or broadcasting information contained in the blotter. If a press release is issued for a case listed on the Police Blotter, please use information from the press release, as it is more current and likely contains better detail than the blotter.

Thank you,

The Jackson Police Department

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