Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance

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In January of 2019, the Town of Jackson passed an ordinance banning the free distribution of single-use plastic bags.

Please visit the Teton County's Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling's "Road to Zero Waste" website by CLICKING HERE for a comprehensive resource page for both retailers and consumers.  Still have questions? Contact Becky or Carrie by phone at 307-733-7678 or via email at

Business Establishments:
  • Effective April 15, 2019, no Grocer or Large Retailer within Town limits shall provide a Single-Use Disposable Plastic Bag to a customer at the point of sale.  A grocer is defined as a retail establishment or business that is a full-line, self service market with a retail market more than five thousand (5000) square feet and sells a line of staple foodstuffs, meats, produce, household supplies dairy products or other perishable items.   A Large Retailer means any person, corporation, partnership, business, facility, vendor, organization or individual that sells or provides merchandise, goods or materials directly to a customer that has a building square footage of greater than nineteen thousand (19,000) square feet.   
  • Effective November 1, 2019, no Retailer or Retail Store shall provide a Single-Use Disposable Plastic Bag to a customer at the point of sale.  For the purposes of this ordinance a Retail Store does not include:  vendors at a farmer's market (excluding any of the vendors' associated permanent business location), fast food restaurants or art galleries and art fairs.  
  • Bag exemptions include non-checkout product bags - such as dry cleaner bags, newspaper bags, door hanger bags, bags provided by pharmacists to contain prescription drugs, bags used by consumers inside stores to package bulk items including:  fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, candy, or small hardware items.  
  • Additional bag exemptions would include bags used by consumers inside stores to contain or wrap fresh or frozen meat or fish and bags used by consumers inside stores to contain or wrap flowers or potted plants.
  • Effective April 15, 2019 and November 1, 2019, respectively, Grocers, Large Retailers, Retailers or Retails Stores can no longer provide customers with single-use disposable plastic bags at check out. 
  • Businesses can provide you with paper bags (for a fee) or reusable bags (for a fee).
  • Customers are highly encouraged to bring their own reusable bags for all of their shopping.

Retailer Benefits:

When shoppers bring their own bags, it can lead to a cost savings for you because you will not have to purchase, store and distribute as many carryout bags to customers.

Just like shoppers you will also be helping our community reduce the environmental and resource impacts of paper and plastic carryout bag production, which benefits us all.

Bring your own bag programs can offer you an inexpensive way to create brand awareness and do some local advertising by offering your own reusable bag.

 Here are some tips from retailers in other communities that have also implemented plastic bag bans:


Begin to display signs in visible locations such as cashier stations and entry doors to let customers know that single use plastic bags will no longer be available as of February 7, 2019 or May 7, 2019.

Preparing your front-line employees to help customers make the shift to reusable bags is key, both so they understand why the community supported the ban and how they can play an important role in implementation, to benefit both your company and the community.

Front-line employees can immediately begin to ask customers, “Did you bring a bag you would like me to use?” “Would you like to purchase a reusable bag?” “Do you need a bag?” instead of automatically giving them out.


Display reminders in store parking lot/windows: “Don’t forget to grab your reusable bags?”

Give a reusable bag away for free if the customer makes a purchase over a set amount.

Have store-brand bags act as permanent coupons for a discount off purchases.

Donate to a local non-profit organization for each reusable bag used to pack customer purchases.

Give a discount for each reusable bag used to pack customer purchase.