Planned Unit Development


A planned unit development (PUD) is established by a zoning map amendment to rezone land to a planned unit development zoning classification that is defined by a master plan. The purpose of the planned unit development process is to publicly review the proposed master plan and certificate of standards to ensure that they enhance the implementation of the desired future character for the land of the proposal beyond what could be achieved by base zoning.

When Is This Required?

A PUD application is required when proposing establishment of a new planned unit development or amendment of an existing PUD. The PUD application should be submitted concurrently with the initial physical development permit application required for the proposal.


  • How Long: Up to 150 days after application deemed sufficient
  • Who Decides:
    • Recommendation: Planning Commission
    • Final Decision: Town Council

How to Apply

A pre-application is required prior to submittal of a Planned Unit Development. A neighborhood meeting (PDF) is required as well. An environmental analysis may be required.

Please submit an application packet with nine hard copies and one digital copy (via email to that includes the following:


Planned Unit Development fees are $1,500.

Helpful Tips

  • A PUD shall be reviewed concurrently with the initial physical development permit application required for the proposal. Example: If your project also requires a Sketch Plan in addition to a PUD, both requests should be submitted together as one application and will run concurrently. 
  • Your project will be reviewed by several departments in addition to Planning, so when drafting your project description/narrative please provide as much detail pertaining to existing site conditions (i.e. lot size, existing development, etc.) and proposed physical changes (i.e. scale of development, building height, affordable housing, etc.). In addition, you will be tasked with detailing how the proposed project is consistent with numerous physical development standards found within the zoning district for which the project is located. 
  • In addition to a PUD allowing flexible standards for development, it also involves rezoning a property from its underlying zoning to a PUD designation.